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Analysis of the price system of Chinese stationery

Source: | Author:sunbabycc | Published time: 2020-06-05 | 1175 Views | Share:
Everyone who works in the stationery industry knows that the unspoken rule of the industry is that no matter how good the product is, there must be a profit distribution, commonly known as "divided money." Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers earn a little in every circulation link. As a result, the prices of products from manufacturers to consumers have more than doubled. Therefore, enterprises, distributors, and terminal vendors all want to keep as much profit as possible.

       After so many years of market economy, consumers have been educated more and more rationally. For rigid demand, it may be a little helpless; but for flexible consumption, definitely compare the three.

      This attitude of consumers has exacerbated the worries and anxiety among cultural goods manufacturers. As a result, the money-sharing contract between manufacturers disappeared in the prudent attitude of consumers. Especially channel providers and terminals, they are closest to consumers, they want to please consumers legally, and price is undoubtedly the best carrier, from keeping the price alliance to maximize profits to pleasing consumers, earning profits through sales, Driving the sales of B, C, and D commodities through A commodities not only has word of mouth, but also makes less money.

      The problem is coming again: Now that everything is rising in price, no matter how close the business is to the consumer, the merchant still has to make money, and it can’t be compensated, nor can it afford it. Expert analysis: The reason for the high price of stationery is inseparable from rising costs, and it is also facing vicious competition in the industry. The main reasons for the Chinese stationery price system are as follows:

      1. In the social division of labor, there is an uneven value of the division of labor, which is a problem that cannot be solved by a single stationery industry;

      2. Internationalized capital is affecting the ups and downs of the market at any time;

      3. The stationery industry is facing the vicious competitive pressure brought by repeated construction;

      4. Manufacturers and merchants who are eager to benefit quickly are born with the imbalance of cooperation and struggle as profits shift.

      So, is it possible for the price of stationery in China to fall?

      In fact, as long as the manufacturer formulates a moderate price system and the channel accepts a moderate profit, the terminal first looks at whether the goods can provide value and services to consumers rather than blindly pursuing profits. Then, good and cheap stationery products can still emerge in endlessly. Many brands have flattened channels through online marketing, and the price is in one step, the effect is very significant, but only at this stage, the update and upgrade of offline marketing cannot be completed.