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Cultural Industry Base Tour-Wenzhou Pen: Foreign trade exports are strong

Source: | Author:sunbabycc | Published time: 2020-06-04 | 1706 Views | Share:
       Watercolor pens, movable pencils, ballpoint pens, highlighters... The total annual output of the pen industry in Wenzhou reaches 12 billion. One in every four pens in the country is made in Wenzhou, and the export of foreign trade shows a strong development. This is a well-known pen-making base in the country, especially the Longwan pen-making industry, which is well-known throughout the country.

  Wenzhou's pen-making industry began in 1984 as a family workshop, when it produced only watercolor pens. By 2000, there were 135 pen-making enterprises in the city, including 40 with an annual output value of more than 5 million yuan, 20 with more than 10 million yuan, and 7 with more than 30 million yuan. According to statistics, the total output value of the pen-making industry in Wenzhou is nearly 1 billion yuan, accounting for one-third of the output value of the pen-making industry in the country; 6.5 billion pens of various types are produced annually. More than 100 types.

   As the capital of pen production in China, the pen production industry in Wenzhou has achieved remarkable results in terms of total production, industrial scale, equipment level, technological innovation and foreign exchange earning through export. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of last year, the municipal pen industry achieved a total industrial output value of 3.1 billion yuan and an export delivery value of 1.65 billion yuan. At present, there are more than 200 professional registered trademarks in the industry, including 1 national inspection-free product, 3 provincial famous trademarks, and 2 provincial famous brands. In addition to professional pen-making, the city’s pen-making industry has established a complete professional collaboration supporting system, including the production of stationery such as erasers, set squares, rulers, compasses, and nickel white copper, stainless steel nibs, pen inserts, pen cases, and other products. It has also developed rapidly.

  In order to enhance the production capacity of the pen-making industry, major pen-making enterprises in Wenzhou have continuously invested in technological transformation. Last year, the pen-making industry invested nearly 100 million yuan to purchase mold-making equipment, and the product quality was greatly improved. The pen-making industry association also took the lead in cooperating with Wenzhou University to set up a key laboratory in the pen industry of Wenda University and a technical research center of the pen-making industry in the city, to tackle the problems of pen head, ink, pen beads, and automated assembly. At present, Wenda's technical research center for pen industry has begun to take shape and comprehensively carry out research work. 

   It is reported that the pen making industry in Wenzhou currently has 55 registered trademarks, and brands such as "Hobby", "Universal", "Dengfeng", and "Student" have enjoyed certain popularity in domestic and foreign markets. Foreign trade export has also become its main direction of attack. At present, 6 companies have obtained self-operated import and export rights, 15 companies have obtained European CE product quality and safety certification, and 10 companies have obtained ASTM-D4236 product certification in the United States. Their products are mainly exported to the Americas, Europe, West Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places. The export proportion of 65 enterprises is over 30%, and the export export proportion of 10 key pen-making enterprises is over 90%.