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Be alert to inferior stationery endangering children

Source: | Author:sunbabycc | Published time: 2020-06-05 | 852 Views | Share:
When buying stationery, you must consider the child's safety, health, and practical functions of the stationery. Do not let inferior stationery be contained in the child's school bag.

  Inferior crayons make children stupid

   Crayons are the favorite of kindergarten and young children. The bright colors and cartoon packaging are all irresistible for children. A set of colored crayons ranges from a few tens of yuan to more than a hundred yuan. Some parents purchase a set of more than a dozen yuan of colored crayons in an unlicensed stationery store to save money. In order to save costs, most of these inferior crayon manufacturers use unqualified wax and excessive pigments, all of which have high levels of soluble lead. After being bitten and sucked by children unintentionally, harmful substances may be slowly absorbed, and children’s blood If the lead content in the medium exceeds the standard, its memory and attention will be obviously impaired, and some may even affect the child's physical development.

  Recommendations: teach children to develop good hygiene habits from childhood, do not bite the pencil head, wash their hands in time after using the pencil. Parents, on the one hand, do not go to unlicensed stationery stores to buy stationery for children; on the other hand, once the child is found to have memory and diminished attention symptoms, they should go to the hospital for examination in time.

   Aromatic taste will disturb nerves

  Some stationery stores sell scented stationery, such as erasers, pencils, and stationery boxes, which are very popular with children. As everyone knows, many stationery that emit a pungent fragrance are mixed with a variety of harmful chemical raw materials such as formaldehyde, which have different degrees of damage to the child's body. Long-term exposure of children to formaldehyde can cause chronic poisoning, cause bacterial or viral pollution, cause chronic respiratory diseases, and even cause nasopharyngeal cancer.

Although the health effects of scented stationery will not appear in a short period of time, it has been confirmed that inhalation of organic substances contained in industrial materials for a long time may disturb the nervous system of children, resulting in children's inattention, respiratory infections, and triggering Asthma, reduced immunity, etc., and even individual children will develop fragrance-dependent behavior.

   Suggestion: In use, the ability of scented rubber to erase handwriting is often not as good as ordinary rubber. This kind of stationery that is not powerful, harmful in fragrance, and also affects attention, still advises children not to buy.

      Fix stationery can easily cause poisoning

   Remove the cap of the correction fluid, and a pungent odor comes into your nose. After testing, many correction fluids contain toxic benzene series and halogenated hydrocarbons, and are volatile. Long-term or large-scale inhalation by users may cause chronic or acute poisoning. Some of the correction products currently on the market include correction fluids, correction pens, correction tapes, etc., all containing different concentrations of organic solvents, which have an unpleasant smell, irritate the respiratory tract, and can cause inflammation of the child's eyes, nose, and throat, and cause headaches, Symptoms such as nausea. Long-term use may cause chronic toxicity accumulation, leading to cancer. Even more dangerous is that the children are unaware of the harm of the correction fluid and use it without any care. In order to achieve the perfect correction effect, the children can often be seen lying on the table, tilting their heads, and the correction fluid clinging to each other. Correcting the handwriting with his nose.

   Recommendation: From a health perspective, children should use fewer or no such products. Never put the correction fluid close to your nose, let alone splash it on your skin, do not suck your fingers after use, and wash your hands immediately after use.

  Whitening workbook affects eyesight

   When parents buy workbooks for their children, most of them are willing to choose those paper-white books, thinking that the whiter the better the paper, the clearer. In fact, many special white workbooks add a lot of fluorescent whitening agents during production, and absorb the ultraviolet rays in sunlight to convert them into visible blue and red fluorescence to achieve a visually high white feeling. These very white-looking papers are too strongly reflected under strong light. Long-term use of such papers with fluorescent agents in production will not only affect children's eyesight, but also, after the fluorescent agents are absorbed by the body, it will increase the burden on the human liver.

  Recommendation: Do not buy white paper for children. Because the white paper contains a fluorescent agent, once the fluorescent agent is combined with the protein in the human body, it can only be eliminated by liver enzyme decomposition, which will undoubtedly increase the burden on the liver. If the child has a wound, the fluorescent agent will bind to the protein in the child's wound and it will prevent the wound from healing. In addition, the brighter and brighter the workbook is, due to the addition of brighteners, phosphors and other substances, under the strong light, it will also affect the students' vision.

   In addition, nowadays stationery is getting more and more beautiful and more and more novel. The pencil case is made into a car, the pencil sharpener is made into a small animal, and there are pens, rulers and erasers with various beautiful patterns. As long as the child likes it, parents will buy it, but these novel and beautiful stationery often take away the child's attention in the classroom. Children have poor self-control, a beautiful piece of rubber, children can play a whole class. Therefore, the most important thing for choosing children's stationery is the function of stationery. The simpler the better.