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Beixi Village, Longxi Township. Yutou Village conducts Lei Feng activitie

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On the morning of March 3, 2012, our party members took a large group to Beixian Village and Yutou Village to have a discussion with local leaders and old party members.

     First of all, the Secretary of the Party General Branch and Business Representative, on behalf of 12 enterprises, jointly established the Party General Branch members to the leaders of the two villages in Longxi Township and the old party members for the purpose of this visit:

1. When Chairman Mao proposed "learning from Comrade Lei Feng" for 49 years, he came to the two villages of Longxi Township to learn from Lei Feng, so that the spirit of Comrade Lei Feng would always remain with our party members.

2. Condolences to the old party members of the two villages, with the quilts and golden dragon fish oil, we return to the society and fulfill our social responsibilities. At the same time, learn from the old party members and their revolutionary spirit.

3. Further deepen the pairing with the two villages in Longxi Township, and carry out pairing activities on the ground through specific projects, so that the previous blood transfusion pairing method can guide the hematopoietic pairing method to achieve a win-win situation for village enterprises.

Then everyone can talk freely and make our relationship more friendly through pairing activities!