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In 2013, Sun Stationery Company organized employees to travel

Source: | Author:sunbabycc | Published time: 2020-06-05 | 1129 Views | Share:
In order to thank colleagues for their hard work, further strengthening corporate culture construction, improving corporate cohesion and centripetal force, and enhancing communication between colleagues, the company's labor union organized 40 employees to go to Fujian Baishuiyang and Little Egret on August 5th and 6th, 2013 Two-day tour of the beach.

On the first day, we arrived in Baishuiyang, and the beauty of the "world's desperation, the mystery of the universe" was presented to our eyes. Everyone was in the natural environment of Baishuiyang, and felt the natural beauty of all things, while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery , And experienced the "Shili Water Street" and 100m natural surf slide water activities, have fun!

The next day, we came to Little Egret Beach and felt the embrace of the open sea. After everyone's free activities, they actively participated in our organization's corporate culture knowledge, safety production knowledge, party work group knowledge and company inspection knowledge prize-winning activities.

Through these two days of travel, they have cultivated the sentiment of employees, enriched their spare time cultural life, eased the work pressure of employees, enhanced the friendship between colleagues and strengthened the cohesion of the team. The joyous laughter along the way, the unity and mutual assistance during the journey, truly embodies the team spirit of the vitality sun. Everyone will devote themselves to new and intense work with a fuller spirit and make their own contribution to the company's excellent performance.
(Ge Zhenjun)