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All staff went to China Wild Goose BBQ

Source: | Author:sunbabycc | Published time: 2020-06-05 | 745 Views | Share:
At 7 a.m. on June 30, 2012, all employees of the company boarded 6 buses in sequence according to the 5 groups arranged in advance, and we arrived at the designated parking lot in about an hour. Afterwards, we divided into two groups: one group followed the tour guide under the party banner; the other group followed the other tour guide under the trade union banner in the Xiji Scenic Area. We were accompanied by the tour guide and immersed in nature along the way Among the beautiful scenery, the beautiful scenery is included in the album one by one.
Unconsciously, the destination is under our feet, and the barbecue teacher has prepared the barbecue tools, just waiting for everyone to enjoy the food. Everyone scrambled to show their roasting skills, eating with relish.

After eating and drinking, we entered the question-and-answer session with award-winning knowledge (safety production knowledge, factory inspection knowledge, corporate culture knowledge and party work group knowledge, etc.). Everyone participated very actively! Soon it was 4pm, we successfully completed this outdoor barbecue activity.

Thanks for the company's care for the employees, and provide opportunities for this event. Through this activity, it enriches the entertainment life of employees, enhances employees' spiritual and cultural taste, enhances communication and communication between employees, mobilizes employees' work enthusiasm, eases work pressure, realizes the combination of work and rest, enhances team cohesion and centripetal force.

However, this event also reflects our shortcomings: first, the sense of responsibility and leadership of the head of the event and the heads of each group need to be strengthened; second, the team awareness and personal quality of all employees It needs to be improved, (Some colleagues actually own the toolprovided by the contractor as their own. Please consciously maintain your own and company image. The small knife is small and the image is large. Don’t do it No, don’t be ignorant of people who are small and do nothing”; third, reflect the company’s need to further implement the three-level education and training of new and old employees through knowledge Q&A; fourth, the company’s corporate culture promotion must continue to improve So that our corporate culture can be fully integrated into everyone's work and life.