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Children's misunderstanding

Source: | Author:sunbabycc | Published time: 2020-06-05 | 1696 Views | Share:
Some parents think that the use of a pen by a child is nothing more than writing and drawing indiscriminately, and using high-quality products is a waste. They do not know that this practice is extremely harmful to children for the following reasons:

      First of all, from a medical point of view, children's physique is worse than adults, their own resistance and immunity are worse than adults, and the children's natural stubbornness determines that they may take the pencil, The watercolor pen nibbled and even painted on the face or tongue without guardian. At present, some manufacturers' products in order to pursue profits and reduce costs cannot meet the national standards, resulting in the serious excess of lead, manganese, chromium and other heavy metals contained in their products. Although the price of the product is low, it cannot be really from children. My own health considerations have laid a serious hidden danger to children who use pens. As a result, some children have anorexia, partial eclipse, ADHD, mental insufficiency, inattention and other phenomena in the children's group, and even the phenomenon of heavy metal poisoning has occurred.

Secondly, from the perspective of product design, especially in detachable writing instruments, the pen cap may be played by children in the mouth, which is likely to cause swallowing. At present, some children's pen manufacturers on the market, especially the production of watercolor pens Manufacturers, in order to save costs and reduce the production process, the short design of the pen cap or the loose contact between the rear plug and the pen stem is easy to remove the child himself, which causes the child to swallow the pen cap or without the guardian’s care. The plug is dangerous. The American ASTM D4236 standard requires that the design of the product must be carried out from the safety of children as the primary factor. The cap should be long enough and breathable (to prevent children from breathing once swollen and stuck in the throat without choking), The plug can only be pulled out when the pulling force reaches 80N, which is safe for children.

  Once again, the raw materials and production process standards of the product determine whether the product is environmentally friendly and will cause unnecessary waste in use. Some manufacturers use cheaper and poorer quality raw materials, which causes some pencils to cause unnecessary waste during use. For example: pencils have broken cores, the color depth is not enough, the use of high hardness may even scratch paper, reduce the process of interrupting wood, Phenomenon such as reduction of immobility has a great hindrance to the use process. The ink volume of watercolor pens can not reach the standard. Because some manufacturers only focus on profits to reduce costs, they may leak or evaporate ink in a short period of time. The ink volume of watercolor pens that truly meet the ASTM D4236 standard should reach 0.15g. And the shelf life is more than 2 years, and at present, the ink volume of many manufacturers is less than 0.08g, and the shelf life is less than 1 year, which invisibly deceives consumers from another angle.

  Children are the future of the motherland and family, and caring for children is the responsibility of every family and society, so the purchase of children's pens should be rationalized.