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Yueqing Economic Development Zone Committee commemorates the 91th anniversary of the founding of the Party and commendation meeting

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91 years of ups and downs, 91 years of great achievements. At 9 a.m. on June 29, Yueqing Economic Development Zone held a commemorative meeting to mark the 91st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Fan Xiaodong, secretary of the Party Committee of Yueqing Economic Development Zone, emphasized at the meeting that Yueqing Economic Development Zone is currently at a critical moment of implementing the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and is facing major development opportunities. All party organizations and party members in the district must keep their missions in mind. Work hard, give full play to the role of battle fortress and vanguard model, clearly define the direction of efforts, and use your hard work and selfless dedication to promote the vigorous development of various undertakings in the Yueqing Economic Development Zone.

Minister Bao, Deputy Minister of Organization Department of Yueqing City made an important speech.

The meeting was chaired by the deputy secretary of the management committee of Yueqing Economic Development Zone. The conference also commended a group of advanced grass-roots party organizations, outstanding communist party members, and outstanding party affairs workers.

Fan Xiaodong, on behalf of the Party Committee of the Yueqing Economic Development Zone of the Communist Party of China, expressed heartfelt thanks and high respect to the old party members, entrepreneurs, party organizations at all levels, and the majority of Communist Party members who have made active contributions to the development of the development zone.

In the future, where opportunities and challenges coexist, Fan Xiaodong requires all party organizations and party members in the region to gather together and develop joint efforts, establish a sense of service to the people, implement the tasks of the center, and use a more full of enthusiasm, more high fighting spirit, and a more pragmatic style. , Make every effort to build Yueqing Economic Development Zone into the most powerful provincial development zone!