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Welcome meeting for new and old employees and 2012 commendation meeting

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Wenzhou Taiyang Stationery Co., Ltd.

Welcome meeting for new and old employees and 2012 commendation meeting

In order to welcome new employees to join and thank the old employees for coming; to commend the outstanding individuals in 2012, the company held a welcome meeting and commendation meeting. 2012 is a year of steady progress for Sun Stationery. Every progress and success achieved by the company is inseparable from the hard work of all employees! I hope that through this conference, we can better enhance corporate cohesion, centripetal force, establish an advanced role model, and encourage employees to work hard.

One: Conference Name: Welcome Meeting for New and Old Employees Entering the Factory and 2012 Commendation Meeting

Two:Theme of the meeting: analyze and summarize the past, cherish and grasp the present, conceive and look forward to the future

Three:Meeting planning: Huang Daolian Meeting execution: Wang Fei Chairperson: Ge Zhenjun

Field Affairs: Zhang Junhui Tang Kewen Xue Xiaodi Yu Chunfeng Ye Xulei Ma Junlun Ni Dengjin

Photograph: Pan Libin

Four: Meeting time: 13:00 on March 30, 2013

Venue: Delivery area on the first floor of the company

Five:Working Group

1. Secretary group: prepare the meeting plan and agenda, formulate meeting notices, be responsible for the reminders of the participants during the meeting, and be responsible for the production of certificates. Department responsible: Administration Department

2. Organization group: Responsible for the layout of the venue, the arrangement of participants and the finishing work after the meeting.

Department in charge: production department, engineering department; coordination department: PMC department, sales department

3. Logistics team: Responsible for the timely transmission of information, to determine the winnings of the award-winning personnel. Department responsible: Finance Department

Six:Assembly Procedure

1. Welcome message from the general manager

2. The Administration Department announces the list of outstanding cadres, outstanding employees and newcomer progress awards and awards honorary certificates and bonuses

Outstanding cadre: Xie Juan Wang Haofeng

                                       Awards: Huang Daolian

Outstanding staff: Huang Chengying Luo Shide Zeng Chuanlong Hao Changhai

Xiong Jun Wu Guoxiu Chen Tangfa

Awards: Huang Daolian

Newcomer Progress Award: Cui Yating Miao Zhishan Liu Yanlan Hu Dingguo

                                       Awards: Huang Daolian

3. Speeches by outstanding cadres (Xie Juan), outstanding employees (Huang Chengying)

Newcomer Progress Award Speech (Hu Dingguo)

4. Disbursements for employees in difficulty; distribution of supplementary fees for people participating in unpaid blood donation

Seven: Closing remarks by the general manager