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The company's party branch, labor union, and league committee jointly organized "send cool and warm people's hearts"

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Notice on "Community activities of the company's party branches, trade unions, and league committees to organize "send cool, warm people's hearts""

All colleagues:
     Recently, the continuous high temperature and the scorching sun are like fire. All departments and employees of the company are not afraid of the high temperature. As always, they stick to their posts, overcome difficulties, and work hard. They have made important contributions to the rapid development of the company. You have worked hard. The company's party branch, company's labor union, and company's youth league committee express heartfelt thanks and cordial condolences to all employees who hold their posts under high temperature! Pay high tribute to the comrades struggling on the front line!
     You have fought against the high temperature and struggled with the scorching heat, and have worked hard for the company's development and made outstanding contributions. You are in the hot sun, stick to your post, fulfill your duties, work hard, work hard, work hard, stick to the front line of work with high work enthusiasm and serious and responsible owner spirit, your lofty dedication, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit are deeply inspiring With every employee, we feel extremely proud and gratified for you. The high temperature will continue, and the majority of employees struggling on the front line should always pay attention to their health and personal safety, achieve a combination of work and rest, reasonably arrange work, diet and rest time to ensure adequate sleep. The company's leaders attach great importance to the current work of anti-high temperature and scorching heat. Under the initiative of the company's party branch secretary and general manager Comrade Huang Daolian, the company's party branch, company's trade union, and company's league branch organized the activities of "sending cool and warm people" again. This afternoon, a bottle of "ice black tea" was delivered to each employee to express their condolences to all employees!
Finally, I sincerely wish everyone good health and safe summer!


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